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What we do: is an automated tool which can clean and validate email addresses in your email broadcast lists. Simply upload your mailing list, and we will remove any combination of the following:

- addresses containing invalid characters
- addresses that exceed the maximum length
- duplicate email addresses
- addresses listed in a separate unsubscribe list
- addresses containg specific words or domain names
- addresses which do not have a valid domain name
- domain names that do not respond to SMTP
- email addresses that are rejected by mail servers *

For a demo and a list of our complete features, Click Here


There are two service levels: basic, and premium.


The basic service covers any combination of the Standard items above. This is meant as a quick cleanup of a mail list, and only takes a few seconds to a few minutes depending on your broadcast list.
Cost: $ 0.50 CAD per 1000 emails


The premium service covers any combination of all features. Since some of these tests actually connect to remote mail servers to verify the existence of the server and email address, the tests take much longer to run and require more resources. A list of 100 000 email addresses takes approximately 3 hours.
Cost: $ 1.00 CAD per 1000 emails

Bulk pricing

Bulk Pricing for lists over 100 000 contacts is available upon request. Please email for details

* This service never sends any email. The Premium service and the API only determine whether an email address is valid based on customer filters, adherence to proper email address formatting (eg: no invalid characters, etc), valid domain names (the email address resolves to an actual mail server), and that the mail server accepts the Recipient email address. NOTE THAT some email servers will accept ALL recipient email addresses, including invalid ones. In these cases, it is impossible to determine whether the email address actually exists. will in these cases report the email address as valid.